Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering is a serious crime strictly prosecuted by the law.
Jack30 does its activity as bookmaker in full compliance with the regulations on the prevention of using the financial system for the purpose of laundering money and financing terrorism, as required by Directive 2005/60/EC and Directive 2006/70/EC.


Concerning to the legislation mentioned above, a prerequisite to have access to the Company's offer is to register as a user; it is not possible to open a gaming account for minors or anonymously.
1. The Company necessarily proceeds to register the following information:
1.1. Identifying data declared by the customer when opening the account for playing or the required credentials for the access to online games:
• Name and Surname
• Address (including country of residence)
• Date of Birth (must be of legal age)
• Sex
• Phone
• Email
1.2.the date of opening, recharge and payment of the gaming; the value of the transactions mentioned above and methods of used payment; IP address, date, time and duration of electronic connections in which the client, accessing to the systems of the manager of the casino on line, gives rise to above-mentioned operations.

2. The Company reserves the right to exclude the user from participating in the offer and to refuse payment of any winnings if the signs are incorrect. The user is required, if the Company requires, to submit a copy of an identification document with photo (passport, driving license, identity card) or to provide additional information (copy of utility, copy of bank statements, etc.).

3. The user may hold only one account. It is not possible for users, who are already registered, to register again as a new user with a different name or with a different email address. In case of violation of this rule, the Company is entitled to cancel bets.

4. In case of suspected manipulations or fraud, and breach of these conditions, particularly in case of multiple simultaneous participation in games or opening multiple accounts, the Company may restrict the user in question concerning the conclusion of new bets or participation in games.


1. Before the user can receive a credit in cash from the account, the user must send a legible copy of an identification document with photo proving the correctness of the data declared at registration. reserves the right to request all documentation concerning the origin of the deposit transactions made to the gaming account.
In case of non-coincidence of the data, all bets concluded and made by the user will be canceled immediately and eventual winnings will not be paid, except the user proves his right to the credit in another way.
In case of assumption that the user has opened several accounts, the Company may withhold payment of any surplus at those accounts.

2. Members of user groups must sort out their legal position amongst themselves. However, winnings are only credited to the name of the account holder in question.

3. The user is willing to disclose details of his account, from which he wishes to make bets. The user authorizes the Company to use such information for payment of money .

4. The company reserves the right to change the type of withdrawal depending on individual circumstances (for example by charging the credit card).

Account Access

The ability of access to the account is subordinate to the user's use of the chosen code when opening the account (username and password). The Company assumes no liability for the unlawful use of an account by unauthorized third parties, if they are able to specify username and password.

Obligation to inform - Notifications

The company, under that law, is obliged to inform the Competent Authority in order to report any suspicious transactions. In this case, the gaming account will be suspended until the investigation is finished.